Following are highlights covered in presentations by the franchise leaders at the 2017 Franchise Forum & All Members Meeting.

OFFA Update: Steve Mastin -- Collaborative meeting with FAC, WNAP, QSCC leaders in February; OFFA focusing on building membership; believes dissolving the association is the right thing to do; fresh start needed, new leaders elected by members; brand’s business model has changed; they want most owners to have 50+ restaurants, with 4 or 5 owners having as many as 400; the new association will work hard to represent the interests of all owners, both small and large.

IT Update: Chris Lane -- Updates on Aloha, kiosks and mobile ordering, payment platform transition; details and costs are on WeConnect 

QSCC Update: John Inwright -- Provided an overview of the commodity market run-up of beef prices, and other commodity markets and potential impacts to Wendy’s restaurant operators

FAC Update: Jay Sutherland -- FAC’s role in WTAC, recommended partnership with QSCC; working with WNAP on menu management projects; regional menus being discussed; are working to provide more detailed constituent notes

Next Gen Update: Eddie Anderson, Kelly Dunn and Chris Haynes -- See a need for multi-unit development; support the Customer Experience Playbook and its impact on restaurant teams; reviewed subcommittee membership (members serves 3 years, then steps off), contact FAC rep to serve on committee

WNAP Update: Mike Zak and Greg Dunn -- LTOs having less impact than in the past; get the most impact with a high/low strategy – talks to 100% customer base; challenge: connect salads with millennial consumers; we’re currently #5 for millennials. New menu removal process: review menu every January; product testing for chicken tenders, giant JBC – strong test. Core product improvements – only 4 LTOs a year, gives us more ability to improve the Core lineup